Take your tongue to the tropics tomorrow.

I no longer have the energy for meaningless friendships, forced interactions or unnecessary conversations.

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make that “non essential friendships, unrequired interactions or talking.”

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Life is so hard lately.

My first love passed away this week….in 2003 he sent me this.

Love is a powerful thing.

Love has to be mutual.

Love is fairy-tale fiction unless it is reciprocated.

Love is the greatest thing in the world.

Love is obvious.

Love is scary and love is wonderful.

Between the poles lies a comfortable medium.  This is
true contentment, a subcategory of true love.

Love is infinite

Love is true bliss.

Love is respect.

Love is curiosity.

Love is indescribable mutual happiness.

Love is spinal shivers.

Love is genuine concern.

Love is heart palpitations.

Love can’t be mistaken.

Love can’t be faked.

Love is not lies.

Love is staying up all night talking about nothing and
yet everything.

Love is comfortable mixed with uncomfortable silences
punctuated by nothing more than sharing air.

Love is true.

Love is a picture of you and I in the past.

Love is compassion.

Love is companionship of the greatest kind.

Love is never being alone.

Love is time.

Love is two.

Love is always,